3D Generalist/Web Development at Bodymetrics – body-mapping technology in fashion, fitness and beauty

(2-2017 – 3-2017)

Landed a placement for a start up company on a freelance basis from the start of February 2017 to the end of March 2017, as a 3D generalist & web developer.

The position was based in Central London at the Hoxton in Holborn, times varied from 10am to 5/7pm and I worked 4 days a week from Holborn as well as home.

Main duties consisted of using Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D in order to recreate 3D OBJ models into wireframe format & edit them on top of video footage of a live modal.

OBJ on top of live footage (Whole Body)

Worked between programmes (Adobe After Effects & Cinema 4D) using the after effects plug-in Cinema Lite in order to create these short clips of the OBJ Model in wireframe on top of the video footage of the live model.

Some screenshots of the potential video outcome for the OBJ model file & live footage. Messed around with the colour of the wireframe from black or white to see if one had more of an impact then the other.

Angle Scan 90*
Angle Scan 90* Green

More of an interesting scan when adjusting the X,Y,Z axis of the plainer to 90* as it animates over the OBJ file.

PolyFX (Head)
PolyFX (Neck)

Experimenting with Poly FX in Cinema 4D, wanted to see how far I could take it with the adjustment of the shape and size.

Scan (90* Angle)
Whole Body Scan

More interesting scans with the plainer tool in Cinema 4D, constantly adjusting the X,Y,Z axis for a more dynamic animation of the OBJ being scanned in.

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