Graphic Design

I’ve always found that the best way to dabble in creativity is to experiment and try out all fundamentals of design, from graphics to motion design in this way I have a basic knowledge in all these areas of creativity.

This particular area involves a lot of graphics/motion design for companies and personal projects that showed me a lot of new ways to apply my workflow.

Short video created during my internship at Mondays Child Creative Agency, the project was for a quick intro using some of the quotes of the company as well as a colour theme to best represent the companies image.

Mainly used 3D standard programs such as Maya and C4D for lighting, texture and animation.


Created a quick loop of a logo design for a charity company, the idea was to make the original logo seem a bit alive and quirky and so I experimented with shapes using Adobe After Effects to animate.


More logo designs! This time I decided to dabble a bit and take example from one of the scariest survival games I’ve ever played ‘Outlast’ by game developers Red Barrels. Knowing how great the game was I really aspired to it’s iconic themes, trying to re-create the official title using Adobe Photoshop for the text/colour and then it was a matter of using Adobe After Effects for the glass break effect using reference photos of broken glass textures plus a ton of experimenting & tutorials.

Really had fun with these personal projects using Adobe After effects plug-ins to experiment with 3D and motion graphics to create some surreal designs and really push my imagination to see what kind of art I’d create.

Trapcode MIR is a plug-in by developers ‘Red Giant’ as part of their numerous VFX packages, really pushing the boundaries of motion graphics and 3D effects for tv/film. The process consists of vertices being applied to a single planer making it 3D in After Effects to experiment with devisions in order to morph and deform that shape to your imagination.


Enjoyed finding ways to give this project more of a direction, with enough tutorials and practice I could really experiment with Trapcode MIR and see how close I could get it to something of a spiral and twist whilst also giving it texture and transition in colour and the amount of shape/vertices.


Some of my early experiments with the MIR plug-in, basing my designs on numerous tutorials I watched online about each and every stage of development using this plug-in, really getting to understand the features and how far I could take this new program.