Mondays Child

Months after I graduated from the University of Westminster I landed my first internship at a company called Mondays Child Agency, this company specialised in advertising for Fashion and Lifestyle.

It was a short period of about 3 months from Nov 2016 – Jan 2017, mainly remote based and reporting to my Creative Director for tasks and feedback. I had the pleasure of working within a team of 3, students who specialised in 2D Animation, Videography and my skills in Graphic Design/Animation.

But it was great experience to be working within a team, adhering to set tasks, communicating within the team and receiving feedback from the company on our progression plus learning new ways to apply our creativity.

During my 3 month internship at Mondays Child Agency I was introduced to a number of low key projects for ideas to create logo intros for the companies brand.

These projects were purely independent and to be done remotely outside of my team of 3, mainly because the creative director wanted to make use of my skills in Graphic Design specifically for these projects and their brand.

Early Concepts for this project of a Mondays Child book falling and having colours that best represent the brand animate as well as fly out of the book to form the Mondays Child Logo.

Always good to have a clear storyline and narrative using the traditional technique of storyboarding in order to have a clear idea of what we want the intro to look like from start to finish and then redevelop those plans.

Mondays Child agency prides itself on the work they do and they represent that through their motto of how they see the creative industry in pursuit of their profession.

Some more experimenting with colours and VFX in Adobe After effects for the short logo intro, really it could have gone either way when it came to my ideas and feedback from my Creative Director and in the end we decided to go for a simple stream like look but always making sure to stick with the theme of colours for Mondays Child.

Another example of Graphic Design for Mondays Child intros, this was a quick example done in Adobe After Effects just to give the Creative Director an idea of how I would approach these tasks and projects as a whole using a vary of adobe effects and plug-ins as well as a whole lot of animating.

It was fun to experiment with Motion Graphics/typography on top of live footage, never really thought about going so in depth before and this process although it took a number of tries was great to learn.

Made great use of the Adobe Suit workflow with Text styling/Animation, MIR plug-in and finally bringing it all together with the footage using Motion Tracking.