Game Design – Mobile Game

Mobile_ Game:

Art Bible/Block Out…

Taken an idea from concept to a playable game… Have had a few ideas for illustration and visuals but never as a playable game, since I never came from a game developer background I’ve always been more used to animation and concepts.

Making an actual playable game from an idea that I based purely on concepts and inspirational ideas is gonna prove really challenging but exciting at the same time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 16.29.10Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 16.29.46

Found some good references for the colour scheme/palette as well as the game ‘Mirrors Edge’ as a good representation of sophistication and sharpness that I want to portray some what in my own Mobile_Game.

“Game Block out is looking a bit like the Fortress of Solitude lool!” 😀
But seriously…

First real attempt at a game block out for my mobile game level using Maya. A lot of symmetry involved when building the game from the ground up, using similar custom shapes to duplicate along the planar in order to firm corridors, paths and surreal shapes.

Key technique for my mobile game is using cubic style shapes to to build and make up surreal shapes and levels in order to make a playable game that is abstract and elaborate in its’s originality and but still based off of the references of inspiring landscapes and environments.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 16.28.40

More inspiring references to help push my choice towards a more dynamic and surreal looking Mobile_Game level, as you can see the shapes in these images resemble cubic shapes combines to create something of a more monumental\architectural look in shape and form.

Decided to redo the block out, from scratch… I’m falling a bit behind with the productivity because I keep changing my mind based on the more inspirational references that I find.

Decided to go for something even more seamless and surreal in the form of the cubic shapes and how I’ve positioned them. representing floating shapes and dynamic pieces to be repeated in a line of symmetry t be formed for corridors, paths, hero pieces & lead ways.


Again I’m restricting myself to that same technique of using cubes for symmetry, by adjusting the size and width and combining them with various other cubic shapes in order yo create a surreal like object for the player to walk on or pass through.

Some UV examples of these simple cubic shapes and their layout after being stitched back together.

Shells were laid out in perspective with a lot of variation, putting it in UV mode helped with texel density when it came to laying it out.

A wise man once said “UVing, it is a necessary evil” 😡

One of the hardest challenges in game design if you were to ask my personal opinion, with simple cube shapes it was fairly easy but in the future I know they’ll be a whole new challenge when it comes to more complex shapes and making sure to keep the ratio the same size in maya and in unreal in order to stop the UV’s from stretching and distorting my textures.

Creating/Adding texture…

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 12.20.07

Experimenting with diffrent layers and adjustment layers in photoshop to come up with some some very experimental textures to apply to my level, was very intrigued with the results once I started clipping to other layers  and applying diffrent filters like the ‘Multiply, Linear Burn & darken’ whilst adjusting the opacity from high to low to mess with the density.

Lets Play…

Finally on the compiling, adding texture and lighting stage. Time to experiment with the positioning and texturing to see what works, ashamed to say I feel like I’m looking at what works mainly and experimenting with my pre-made textures and repositioning my meshes to make sure that when I play it in simulation mode there aren’t too many hitches.Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 13.40.24More ideas for the day and age of my design for the Mobile_Game, purpose of designing a fantasy like environment using these references of colour, structure and themes.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 13.39.20Again referring to my art bible when it comes to what kind of environment I am trying to see in my final render of my Mobile_Game, something desolate but also monumental and high in emphasis of a Hero piece emphasised in it’s size, variation in pattern and colour assets.

Messing with a bit of lighting, FX render and texturing… This is defiantly the approach that I want to go for. The theme of giving my game level a desolate look, that gives of the impression of a cavern or enchanted temple/fortress and make it so that the Mobile_Gam has depth and interest for the player to roam through.


Sooooo some bad news… recently tested my Mobile_Game on a Mobile/Tablet device and apparently the render FX (fog) is effecting the game performance. In turn the gameplay is a bit laggy and slow and so I will have to do without it…

So Tragic!!

Think I still may be able to pull this off with more lighting rather then FX render and a bit more interesting texture, adding noise and emissive to various shapes.

Fellow student game my an idea for emissive cubes highlighted with emissive colour to give my dark level more character and interest, in turn I’m hoping this will work wonders when it comes to playing it.


Taking back what I learned from this project I’ve come to understand that building a level from scratch is only half the method it takes to make a mobile game level, there are much moe intricate details that I’m still bringing myself to understand about polishing up a game modal with pattern, roughness and lighting.

The most challenging areas of this module were with the UV’s of my game level and bringing it into unreal as I wasn’t 100% about the modal in the fist place and so in the end there was a lot of reshaping and positioning of assets once in unreal.

After bringing it into unreal, working with the lighting and texturing was another method it itself and I feel as though I could have had more control over what materials worked at what lighting made for a better result.

More over I understand that this process would be the first of many and what I bought back from the completed module was that there is still a work flow to be found in this pipeline of Modelling, UVing and Texturing.