Game Art – Module 02 Blog

Module 02 Game Art Idea – Diorama

Theme – Dante’s Inferno

Idea – Layers of hell entailing the idea of different levels that show a system of progress from beginning to end, the length of time is emphasised by the portrayal of a system that is the Diorama and the models of surreal humans that illustrate people using this system for their own ambition and gain. The difference in colour scheme, build of the diorama and design of foliage will help to show progression/life cycle that helps to present the corruption of time and suffering of self gain.

Art Bible – Spent the week coming up with an Art Bible & Asset List that would help to form my idea in a more concrete way, using images to come up with a foundation for my level and coming up with an asset list that will help to come up with a block out as well as the final form of diorama.

Researched a number of aspects for the entirety of my project looking up keywords like, Steampunk, Victorian, Corruption, Power, Greed, Surreal and Fate. These manage my project and emphasise the narrative of my game.