After Effects/MIR

MIR – Repeater

More shape manipulation using Trapcode MIR, this time I used the repeater feature in MIR in order to duplication the original shape.

MIR – Spiral

Wanted to go for a controlled form of rhythm in this clip of a spiral, using Trapcode MIR and giving it ‘fractal noise layer effect’ to adjust the low poly faces & change the shape from a complex shape to a more simplistic one.

MIR –¬†Evolution

First time actually giving my low poly look more realism by adding shadow, colour correction, shine & lighting whilst still adjusting the evolution to make it animate.

MIR – Mountain Finish

Messed with the texture options in this low poly animation to give it that mountain feel, using after effects I grabbed a skin texture from ‘Fractal Noise’ layer effects to give it more of a mountain look.

MIR – Wireframe

It’s always interesting to see 3D shapes in wireframe form, so designing this short animation of shape manipulation and movement in a wireframe surface was just another surreal style in itself that gave the animation so much more perspective.