Want To Know Who I Am?

I am a graduate from the University of Westminster and I completed my degree in Animation in 2015. Since my graduation I have been redeveloping my style of drawing and paint on digital media in order to further my practice in Animation/Motion Graphics.

My goal is to be part of a team of diverse & creative individuals like myself that can help push the fore front of digital design across multimedia platforms, by harnessing my skills in Animation/Design.

Animation/Motion Graphics has always been a wonder of creativity for me, starting out as a typical sketch artist with pen and paper and drawing Marvel/DC characters from scratch at the age of 7.

My foremost thought when creating something from nothing on a blank canvas is that it’s never really about the final outcome of that particular project, rather I have always enjoyed the journey and struggles of an idea come to life via the canvas.
Of course when you bring all these assets together to see your final piece come to life and be seen by others it’s an overwhelming feeling. You remember the times you hit a dead end or the moments when you solved a problem and recognised that this newfound solution can take your creativity a step further.

All of these assets/feelings are what makes a creative or at least they are what made me fall in love with Animation & Motion Graphics.
Now all I think about is how to achieve that feeling of flight and innovation within the working industry in a team of creative individuals. At this point in my life it’s not enough that I recognise my self as a creative but I now want to become part of a diverse group of designers and have an even broader aspiration to create something from scratch and go on a journey together to see it through all the struggles and reach the final outcome in order to achieve that feeling again and reminisce.