Want To Know Who I Am?

I am a graduate from the University of Westminster and I completed my degree in Animation in 2015. Since my graduation I have been redeveloping my style of drawing and paint on digital media in order to further my practice in animation.

I took a gap year after graduating because after the three years of project completion at the University of Westminster I wanted to dive into my own creativity and go further into why I love creating something significant out of nothing.

Over the past 12 months I haven taken an interest in muscular anatomy, constructive forms of cityscapes and inanimate objects, to understand and gain a deeper knowledge in how these things are designed.

I have always been passionate about life drawing and participated in numerous life drawing classes at the Dulwich Picture Gallery to improve my understanding of the human form in a more practical way. Upon completion of these classes every piece of work we finished was later framed to be seen by the public in the Dulwich Gallery and it one of my pieces was displayed at the US Embassy.

I am currently working on a style of art for myself that best expresses my interest in constructional design and the anatomy of any kind of object or form through the process of line art illustration and animation.

I am also interested in vector design; the use of any kind of colour/shape be it original or custom compiled to an extent that inevitably forms an object or person.